Links about R

This entry contains an collection of links with information about the R programming language.


Quick-R is a web site by Robert Kabacoff that ofers few tutorials about statistics, plogs and data management with R.

A complete tutorial written by Kelly Black. It contains sections about statistics and simple/intermediate plots.

Reference guides

Generally speaking, reference guides have a lot of information about the language or packages (detailed parameter and function descriptions), but they’re not structured for learning the language.

Official documentation: the complete R language reference manual:

A “quick reference sheets” set (PDFs) about data loading, plotting engines, table management, etc.

A book about R recipes, with a section about ggplot2:

R packages documentation (with a search engine):

This StackExchange question contains an extense collection of R links:

A blog entry about “how to defend the use of R“:

Journal of Statistical Software is an on-line journal about using software for statistical application. Most of the articles are R based:

Writting R packages

This is a good guide to create R packages with help and documentation.