Build-Info maven plugin

A Maven plugin for getting information about the built artifacts

This is a Maven plugin that gathers the artifacts’ information and repository URLs after a build. It allows DevOps people to configure common build process while getting the resulting binaries for the deploy operation.


I proposed this plugin for a project architecture that couldn’t predict the binaries name and paths. After a standard Maven build, this plugin bring to us the name and Nexus URL of each built binary; then we filtered just the EARs and call the deployment scripts with them.

It works by scanning the Maven’s Reactor component and getting all projects and attached binaries. It calculates each repository URL using the distribution management configuration of the project.

The output is stored in a file using any of those formats:

  • Comma separated values (CSV)
  • JSON
  • XML
  • YAML
  • Shell script variables

The plugin must be invoked after the Maven build as attached artifacts are registered in the Reactor component only during the build.

Source code

The plugin is a Maven Mojo written in Java.